Monday, 5 December 2011

PANIC and PICNIC in the PAVILION : Action shots

Rebecca Green and I are about to edit the film documentation of the first event in the shed in the bottom of the garden. Panic and Picnic in the Pavilion........"Your soul got saved, so no wonder you loved it! For those of us festering in purgatory before our descent into the deepest darkest regions, things might be different..." Poor Rahul he was doomed but for others the bouncing nun was able to save their fragile shells.
Paint your doppelganger, macerate lyrically, scream, shout, sing, bounce and no, oh please no......not that!  

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

The Suburban Pavilion presents: Panic and Picnic in the Pavilion

A night of performance, buffoonery, doppelgangers, imagery and poetry.


Bring your sacrificial offerings to us. What do you fear?
Rebecca Green and Sara Sinclair, High Priestesses of your demonic souls are here to welcome and nurture you. Bring your desire to spew forth those monstrosities you hide while you keep polite company. Deal us your deck and cast incantations in the name of artistic hedonism for we shall all feast upon your repertoire.